Good Preventative package

There are a great deal of important factors to discussed when choosing a security camera set up to suit your specific business or home needs. These factors include things like where your business is located in Kansas City, the type of premises that you operate, property size, existing infrastructure or need for the installation of new infrastructure, your business growth expectations, available funds, expected return on investment, existing data cabling, your typical client type, insurance requirements, etc. These all can govern what security cameras and systems that should be installed to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your security needs. 

Preventative is 70% of the effect over security in your home or business when cameras go up. Friends or clients notice you have security in place and your percent to incidents go down 70% says the insurance companies latest reports. Some business type the under-written policy provider will require security cameras before the policy can be written.

It is fact that 80% of the issues the offender knew the business or home owner in some type of way. We take from that that 80% would also know that you have cameras as well working again to protect your interest. So many areas protect that is not seen because of the preventative nature they provide. When you have them it just feels better when your away plus keeps honest people protected from those among us that are not. This is not always easy for a human eye to catch. Simple task for cameras and to be recorded proof is a technology you can not afford to not have at least a basic line of defense.

With out up-sale tactics, pushy salesman, monthly contracts. We  offer the 4 channel dvr security set up with 4 1080P weatherproof cameras. 1TB storage with installation and configured on your smart phone to be viewed any time night or day. Providing you have the internet at the location the set up is completed. No need to pay us monthly or anyone if  internet service is working. You pay for a service called dynamic DNS port forwarding included with 90 percent of internet providers today it is common to use and secure. Secure enough that business standards today use the same ports for credit card transactions from point of sale registers all around the world.

The big security companies will never want you to hear half of what I have to say. We speak the truth in security on what you need. How big a job is never our goal.